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Henry Lucas Surrey Country Garden Design

Henry Lucas Hospital is a 17th century Grade I listed former Almshouse is Wokingham. It has been suggested that Sir Christopher Wren was the architect for this building given his strong professional links to Henry Lucas in the 1640’s. With such a heritage it was as important as ever to create a garden design sympathetic to the age, style and history of the property. A formal courtyard garden was designed with topiary Yew and low clipped box hedges creating year round, evergreen structure with a variety of shrubs and herbaceous perennials to produce a palate of seasonal interest. Pathways were constructed using traditional brick edges with self-binding Breedon gravel which divide the lawn and flowerbeds. Having completed the design and build of this courtyard garden we were further asked to create a large entertaining space with bespoke iron pergola. We now maintain the gardens and have done so for the past 10 years. 



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