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Graduate Landscapes pride itselfes in having good working relationships with some of the leading house builders and developers in Surrey and Hampshire. We recognise their requirements for a pro–active, hands on contractor with a short lead in time. Our in house garden design team are regularly creating cost effective show house schemes for some well-known names including Barratts Homes, Bellways Homes, Linden Homes and Cala Homes, to name but a few. We have continually pushed back the boundaries of show house design, using cedar cladding and green walls to soften areas of brickwork, and sedum roofing on shed roofs to green up the views from the first floor. Bespoken furniture, planters and play equipment help to provide unique solutions to the myriad of different shapes and sizes of garden we put our hands too.

For larger bespoken developments we may well commence works at the planning stage submitting concise, thoughtful and practical applications to speed up the process providing environmentally friendly cost effective designs that planners can relate to, and frequently pass with little fuss.. We would expect to continue with the developers to client handover, doing both hard and soft works to the high standards demanded by all our clients.



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