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Pool & Lake Gardens

Graduate Landscapes is a Surrey and Hampshire garden design company with a portfolio of complex, stylish and functional swimming pool gardens, chlorinated swimming pools, eco-friendly ponds and chemical free lakes. We take great care to design the pool or feature into the existing landscape. We find nothing worse than a pool or pond that has been “plonked“ into the garden, with no thought of spatial awareness, views from the house and what will be done with it in the winter. A badly landscaped swimming pool or a lake can instantly reduce the value of a property, and much of our work is wronging the design faults of others long since gone. We work alongside one of the country’s most talented yet cost effective pool companies, integrating their pool structure into our concept design for what is invariable a high quality aesthetically pleasing finish. Many of our designs are of heated swimming pools and natural eco-friendly ponds complete with covers and accompanying Jacuzzi. We have a steady production of clear fresh water ponds, particularly eco-friendly and easy on the body. Following is a selection of our swimming pools and lake gardens designed by our in-house garden designers. 



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