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Adam Stewart Garden Project Manager

Adam’s mantra is quality, execution and relationships. His role as project manager of our garden design and landscaping projects, gives him the opportunity to engage with, and listen to our client’s aspirations and garden vision.  Meeting these expectations is what motivates Adam.

Adam isn’t just a project manager exported in to the garden industry, his formal education is in horticulture and landscaping. This means his knowledge and experience is in-depth and detailed. When you are working with Adam on a project you can be sure that the information you are receiving is accurate and detailed, and your ideas and feedback is met with an expert response.

Your project is Adams passion. He enjoys forming relationships with our customer and taking customers on a transformative journey. He relishes creative problem solving, overcoming challenges and delivering high quality projects. You could summarise this by saying ‘Adam’s mission is to Bring customers and their dream garden together’.

Looking at Adam’s pastime’s you can appreciate you are going to be working with an alert, vibrant, intelligent and calm character. Running, kayaking, reading and yoga are all in his repertoire, phew!



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