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Alex Bayman Project Manager, Property developers

Alex is our commercial garden design project management expert. He is IOSH & SSSSTS approved and innately understands the requirements and needs of commercial property developers. He has a breadth of experience ranging from managing large property developments to home builders.

He is uniquely aware of the balance between high quality finish, creativity, budgets and deadlines. His talent is to bring all these elements together in to one harmonious project. This is where Alex flourishes and excels, working with the client and his creative and dynamic team at Graduate Landscapes. His goal always being to deliver exemplary service, and the best high-quality garden possible, within the client’s budget.

‘The exciting part is seeing a project grow from the concept idea, through to completion, and overcoming the many obstacles a project throws at you.’

And what does Alex enjoy most when he has stepped away from the excitement and challenges of commercial garden projects. Well he might be found slaying dragons, of the imaginary kind, as he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his young family.  



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