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David Thornton Customer Care Manager

David has been in the industry for 15 years, running his own successful business as well as working for other businesses within high-end procurement. David is a creative individual with an inquisitive mind.

David has a passion for working with his clients to deliver a garden that best suits their needs! It’s important to David that the client is naturally drawn into and enjoys their garden.  He enjoys discussing planting ideas, how a client either uses or would prefer to use their garden and investigating any issues within the garden itself. David believes client communication is key and is paramount to every successful project and relationship.

David’s passion for the landscaping and garden design industry started at a young age, his grandfather was a full-time gardener on a large estate in Ireland, his parents were both keen gardeners; his father often grew their own vegetables!

Outside David’s busy work schedule, he enjoys cooking, travelling, live music, comedy and films.



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