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Ben Green, Garden Designer

Ben is an established RHS award winning garden designer, who never fails to impress with his creative flair and ability. His exemplary design skills were born from his time studying Garden Design at the Merrist Wood College, where he now lectures, and honoured by a Silver at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. His design skills are underpinned by his technical background in architecture and civil engineering.

Ben is passionate about implementing principles of form and space, in an architectural sense, to the garden realm. Achieving different moods through subtle design decisions relating to human scale and proportion is much more satisfying to Ben than simply choosing his favourite plants and materials. Our clients give ben the chance to stretch his design capabilities on varied projects, which can be either residential or commercial landscapes ranging from small gardens to large estates.

‘I love the challenge of working with different clients with their many and varied expectations of what a garden means to them. Working out a personal brief and then crafting a scheme to suit these particular wants and needs is what I find most interesting and keeps my designs fresh.’

Ben has worked hard to acquire his level of virtuosity in garden design, but still feels privileged to work on his customers projects and to be able to do a job he loves more than enjoys. To Ben the genesis of a new client project is always a very invigorating space full of unique possibilities and ideas. This energy follows Ben right the way through a project. ‘In the final stages of a project when you are setting out plants, the hard landscaping is finished, and you can see the whole design come together as a real three-dimensional garden.’

Ben’s activities away from his garden designing profession include road cycling through Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire Hills. But true to form this activity incorporates a creative outlet, as he also loves drawing and painting, especially while travelling through historic landscapes.



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