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Chris James, General Manager/Garden Designer

We are fortunate to have on board one of the country’s top designers, Chris James who comes to you with a wealth of experience having studied at the Oxford College of Garden Design for his post Graduate Diploma in Residential Landscaping. Chris has built a strong reputation for good design & quality at Graduate Landscapes and became General Manager in 2014. Having worked alongside both Charlotte Rowe and Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Chris has a great flair for design, appreciating the environment space, texture and colour to produce highly original gardens of quality.

Chris is a strong believer in spending time with the client in the garden, considering the client’s needs, and developing a design that works. Prior to and after his studies he enjoyed tackling the challenges of landscaping hands-on before developing his interests in designing and drawing-up projects before construction. In his spare time Chris enjoys looking at established gardens, playing golf, supporting his beloved Spurs, and sticking pins in an effigy of the judge who robbed him of first place!



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