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James Pugh Landscape Estimator

Since University James has been working in computer industry for BAE Systems. A career change led him into horticulture. James says it was a hobby that became more like a reality as he started a National Cert. Course in Landscape and Amenity Horticulture at Merrist Wood College. He enjoyed it and continued onto a BTEC National Diploma which he finished with a Triple Distinction. Raising a young family he lived abroad in Lyon, France in Barcelona, Spain and for three years he was in Lima in Peru. He is very fond of languages and speaks German, French and Spanish.

He has also studied a Garden Design Diploma upon return to UK (Merrist Wood) and is quite focused on environmental issues he says during his course.

Working for some time now in the estimating role James will increasingly assist Senior Landscape Estimator Paul Tomlinson as the business grows going forward.



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