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James Rustell Garden Maintenance Manager
RHS Gold MedalRHS Finalist

James Rustell Garden Maintenance Manager

James Rustell Garden Maintenance Manager

James is our highly experienced and motivated maintenance manager. James is a qualified expert in Forestry, Arboriculture and Land Management.

He is focused on delivering a high quality of service and workmanship to our clients. He believes not only is an exemplary level of expertise and workmanship of utmost importance, but the customer experience is also inextricably linked to a successful project. 

James views a project as a success when our customers ideal outdoor space is achieved. Intrinsic in this is James’s close working relationship with our customers and the way he leads and inspires his professional garden team at Graduate Landscapes.

You can’t keep James away from landscapes and gardens in his spare time too. His favourite pass times are Golf and Gardening.



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