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Garden Design

Having gathered all the information required to continue onto the garden design stage, where the fun really begins! This is a very dynamic phase and will start with one of our designers sketching out a range of ideas and layouts before developing some of these to create a strong, well thought out garden master plan.  Once this has been fully developed we will present the master plan to our client along with a mood board giving an indication as to the style, colours, features and materials used in the final garden. Supporting 3d images will also be presented where applicable.

When presenting the design we will explain every garden design element and discuss the concept behind the plan making any alterations or additions that may appear during this process. Once both client and designer are happy with the master plan we will move onto the detailing of the garden and begin to draw up planting plans. Planting plans can also be drawn up independently of a garden master plan should you simply wish to use this service.



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