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Garden Details

In addition to the garden master plan, we offer an extra service drawing up technical construction details for complex or bespoke elements that have been included in the garden design. These aid the build process and ensure that the technical elements of the project are constructed accurately, as per plan and to the high specification desired.

Planting plans are an incredibly important part of any garden design whether in isolation or as part of a whole project. Our designers will spend a lot of time assessing the aspect and soil conditions in different parts of the site to ensure that the plants are selected not only to look fantastic but also to thrive in the right conditions.

In most cases Graduate Landscapes will suggest lighting within your new garden design enabling the garden to really come to life during the darker hours. The aim with garden lighting is to subtly illuminate your garden accentuating certain features of your garden and developing an entirely new atmosphere than that experienced during the daylight hours. There is a world of options when it comes to garden lighting and a host of different effects can be achieved from a warm glow to multi coloured LEDs depending on your preferences and the style of your home and garden. We are able to draw up detailed lighting plans suggesting light locations and specifying the type of light fitting with samples being available on request. 



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