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Garden Lighting

Ambient Lighting can play an integral part in the way we experience a garden when walking around it and can also add a vital third dimension to projects and designs. With its subtlety and carefully planned positioning, garden design lighting really makes that extra difference in transforming your garden into a beautifully illuminated space and can help capture exquisitely the mood you desire for your perfect garden.

 The different types of lighting that we can supply, include:

  • Low voltage lighting solutions
  • L.E.D. lighting
  • Up-lighting, specimen shrub lighting
  • Spotlighting of trees
  • Coloured lighting
  • Peripheral / walkway lighting
  • Lighting integrated in hard landscaping features (with ducting)
  • Pools and ambient light
  • Mood lighting


 Our team are experienced and skilled in installing outdoor lighting, and the touch of elegance it adds to any garden is hard to argue with, instantly bring it to life. We have recently done some beautiful garden lighting, Surrey and garden lighting, Cobham and our clients thrilled with the results. These have ranged from delicate L.E.D. lighting and up-lighting in a contemporary garden design for a new build to an understated walkway lighting leading up to an elegant display of ambient pool lighting in a recent garden design project in Hampshire.



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