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Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are designed around clean, chlorine free fresh water, without any added chemicals or salt. Our natural swimming pools are extremely eco-friendly and are the perfect alternative to swimming in a chlorine box, effortlessly existing in harmony with nature and encouraging an array of wildlife, from swallows and dragonflies. We incorporate beautiful flora and biological filtration technology into stunning, ecologically friendly swimming pool garden designs you can truly appreciate. Graduate Landscapes works alongside experts in natural swimming pool technology, and provide a comprehensive service covering everything from initial consultation and design, through to natural swimming pool construction and installation throughout Surrey and Hampshire.

Recent innovations have transformed the technology and done away with having plants directly in the swimming pool. We now have inbuilt cutting-edge biological filters that keep everything completely clean and require minimum maintenance.  The modern outdoor heat exchangers can maintain a steady temperature of up to 30 degrees.

The swimming pool garden design process begins with an on-site meeting, discussing the benefits of a non-chlorinated natural pool and the implications for you and your family. The talented garden design team at Graduate Landscapes then draw up the design master plan, taking into account everything from ground conditions, to solar orientation in order to tailor fit a unique swimming pool design, appropriate to your garden landscape surroundings. 



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