Environment Garden Designs

Graduate Landscapes is an environmentally friendly and ecologically motivated garden design company. As new materials and techniques become available to the design team, they are being effectively employed in innovative and creative garden designs. There is also a very current trend now to reduce waste, re-use raw materials and to make use of re-cycled materials and products. We thoroughly engage with this initiative and ensure that the work we do is up to the best practice in the current industry and beyond the quality and specification expected.

Last summer Chris James, part of our exceptional garden design team, exhibited his ‘GreEnCO Sense’ garden design in the prestigious RHS Tatton Park Flower Show hosted by the Royal Horticulture Society. He designed and created a garden that incorporated recycled wine bottles into a vibrant wall with a porthole window offering a unique view into his award winning garden. His garden design cleverly incorporated a three dimensional plantation design with locally sourced recycled materials and his carefully designed planting scheme became a haven for insects, bees and butterflies. The show gardens highlighted the requirement for use of renewable resources and recycled materials, concentrating on how they can be adapted for use within a garden design, which works both practically and aesthetically. All of our garden designs feature careful attention to detail in the use and selection of plant groups and types that help promote the welfare of the environment. This often includes plants, which are attractive to bees and butterflies and promoting the use of nesting boxes and sites for birds and bats.

In 2013, ecologists were warned of a decline in the UK bee populations, which has prompted a number of people to take up practical bee keeping. We can supply other solutions such as bee boxes (for overwintering bees such as the Blue/Red Mason Bee) or increase pollination of fruit trees in established features such as orchards using natural methods. We have extensive experience in wildflower plantings, and naturalistic settings including natural swimming pools. Currently, natural swimming pools have become highly desirable. We have run several of these exciting projects through to completion, with stunning results. As a result, our workers are competent in swimming pool construction, with demand for our unique luxury natural swimming pool designs increasing.

We work in a small and challenging environment in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, re-use, and re-cycle materials, up cycling on projects where we can. We strongly agree with respecting the current Tree-Protection Orders, especially regarding sites where existing trees and planting are key considerations. A lot of careful thought goes into our landscape garden design to ensure both quality and sustainability could lie hand in hand, whilst balancing intractability and practicality to suite your individual needs.