Garden Lighting Design, Irrigation & Drainage

Garden Lighting Design

Ambient Lighting can play an integral part in the way we experience a garden when walking around it and can also add a vital third dimension to projects and designs. With its subtlety and carefully planned positioning, garden lighting design really makes an impact in transforming your garden into a beautifully illuminated space and can exquisitely capture the mood you desire for your perfect garden.

We have an in-house team of experienced lighting designers and installers, who have transformed gardens with their insight and skill. Our lighting design repertoire ranges from light touch natural lighting that unobtrusively illuminates garden rooms and discloses garden design features, to creative lighting designs that provide mood and emotion. A combination of subtlety and emotion could be elusive ambient walkway lighting leading to dramatic and atmospheric pool lighting.

The different types of lighting that we install include:

Low voltage lighting solutions / L.E.D. lighting / Up-lighting, specimen shrub lighting / Spotlighting of trees / Coloured lighting / Peripheral / walkway lighting / Lighting integrated in hard landscaping features (with ducting) / Pools and ambient light / Mood lighting

Garden Irrigation & Drainage

Our diverse team of experts have a deep understanding of irrigation and drainage from the geological to the horticultural. Our team of designers, horticulturalists, and landscapers work with you to analyse your needs and employ the most effective irrigation and drainage system from an array of options we have the capability to implement. As an additional service, our in-house designers offer the possibility of introducing bespoke water feature designs as part of the system, in case this was an avenue you wanted to explore.

Regardless of the route you choose we will deliver an aesthetically integrated, holistic, and sustainable system that works with the environment and the landscape and not against it. A system that matches your lifestyle.

Garden irrigation and drainage systems options include:

Leaky hose drip feed irrigation systems / Timer controlled watering systems / Watering of lawns / Flowering border sprinkler systems / Water collection and run-off / SUDS systems for front garden/semi-permeable/permeable materials / Compound resin aggregates and sub-bases / Water Butts, rainwater collection / Water Re-use