Soft Landscaping

It goes without saying that the entire team at Graduate Landscapes has a deep passion for plants. Our horticulturalists take this passion to an obsession. They hold an encyclopaedic knowledge of plant species and plant science. Combined with an intimate understanding of soil chemistry, irrigation, pest and disease management, fertilization, and environment. This insight informs the creative, aspirational, and sustainable planting designs Graduate Landscapes are renowned for.

Plants are living art forms. They provide elegant sculptural form and painterly canvases of colour. Graduate Landscapes’ horticulturalists are more than just plant experts. By working symbiotically with our garden designers, pooling their knowledge and experience, our soft landscapers are fluent in the grammar of form and function. This is reflected in the botanical symphonies that are on display in our clients’ gardens. A planting repertoire ranging from cutting edge contemporary planting, to supremely elegant classical formations.

Our team values the important practice of sustainable planting and its relationship with the natural environment. Manageability, sustainability, and versatility are core tenets of our horticultural team. An elegant planting design needs to look effortlessly beautiful for the client whilst remaining manageable, maintainable, and healthy. Our horticulturalists keep abreast of the latest industry research and techniques, whilst also having a healthy knowledge of time honoured and tested traditions. Our years of experience covers a plethora of planting types and styles including: sustainable planting, wildlife planting, kitchen garden, drought tolerant, shade tolerant, natural pool, and maintenance-friendly planting.

Our soft landscaping team is very proud to be involved in the prestigious Knepp rewilding project. A trailblazing 3,500-acre, globally renowned, rewilding project that has changed the way we think about nature and how we can heal our planet.

Graduate Landscapes soft landscaping team engages in a range of projects. This includes internal design projects for our full-service clients, to working within our maintenance team on a regular or one off basis, to being outsourced to other prestigious design projects such as Knepp. Click here to see our portfolio, or click here if you are interested in our services and have any questions.