Bracknell, Berkshire, Country Garden | Deck Level Pool

Deep in the forests of Bracknell we have designed and built a bespoke swimming pool that is truly a one of a kind. This deck level pool has a unique design where the water meets at a knife edge against an display of dancing marginal iris and summer reed grasses. This has created the surreal and dramatic feeling of swimming within a calm, crystal clear river or floating freely on the clouds with a lido bed.

We were tasked to design a highly functional pool and garden around this lovely modern home. The house is situated on a small hill overlooking paddocks of roaming horses and wildflower meadows. As such it was vital to preserve the  stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and fields when designing the space. To do this we designed the gardens and pool to be as unobtrusive and minimal to the space as possible by sinking and hiding the large hard elements of the landscape below the ground and softened with a curated collection of planting that marries into the surrounding prairie. The garden and pool come complete with a matching sunken hot spa, a large new Metasequoia feature tree, an impressive lighting display and a robust irrigation system

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