Petersfield, Hampshire, Country Garden | Walled Garden

Our brief for this expansive garden space in Petersfield, Hampshire, was to design a vegetable garden inspired by the restored Kitchen Gardens at Hampton Court Palace, a space that is not only highly productive, but visually stunning too. For our project we had a 3,000 square metre blank canvas framed by surrounding woodland which we have effectively harnassed to ‘cradle’ our modern take on a Walled Vegetable Garden. Circular designs for vegetable gardens can be something of a challenge to get right but they are very pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to work on. The curved outer wall is echoed with the planting of a low yew hedge, creating a design of circles within circles all of which are softly and beautifully framed by the natural landscape.

Our client, a keen vegetable gardener, left behind a productive allotment at her previous address. The very first step needed to be a comprehensive soil analysis which, in turn, would show us what was required to make the soil productive. Working with a sandy free-draining soil which we improved by digging down to half a metre to break up the pan, land raking the top surface and then adding a rich fertilising manure. The use of synthetic fruit cages can often spoil an otherwise pleasing kitchen garden. We worked with our local timber mill which – under the careful and accurate eye of our in-house joiner – crafted circular oak posts with mortise and tenon joins to make fruit frames that enhance the aeshetics of the site. This will, over time, weather down to a softer presence on the garden.

We selected a bespoke Victorian-style greenhouse by Alitex, and the eye-catching globe statue in the centre of the garden is a David Harbour sculpture.

Hampshire Petersfield walled estate country garden design
Hampshire Petersfield garden design David Harber sculpture
Hampshire Petersfield sustainable garden david harber sculpture
Hampshire Petersfield estate driveway design
Hampshire Petersfield walled garden Alitex glass house country estate design
Hampshire Petersfield walled vegetable garden design
Hampshire Petersfield estate driveway design
Hampshire Petersfield estate driveway design
Hampshire Petersfield vegetable garden design alitex glass house
Hampshire Petersfield walled vegetable garden
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