Sevenoaks, Kent, Country Garden | Land Formation

The gardens of Frankfield House in Kent are atmospheric and disarmingly minimalist grand landscaping at its best. The garden design cleverly and coherently consolidates modernism with classicism, emoting wistful echoes of the past. Simplistic beauty harmoniously blends in to the landscape of the historic stately property.

The land is punctuated by a refined elemental hierarchy of mature trees, iconic topiary pieces, and a lawn canvas. Black iron wrought fencing encloses the space and provides a smooth architectural symmetry to the rest of the property. The minimalist yew ball lined paths lead the eye through the serene and undulating landscape.

Whilst it is a deceptively simple design, created by the world renowned landscape architect Pip Morrison, the landscaping project was both challenging and exciting. The challenge was measured in the size and scale of the land reforming, and the quality and attention to detail needed to belie the simplicity. In their rolling nature, the grounds will remain as timeless as the English countryside.

Sevenoaks kent lawn garden design aerial view
Sevenoaks kent lawn garden design tree lined
Sevenoaks kent lawn garden design formal path
Sevenoaks kent lawn garden design pasture
Sevenoaks kent garden design haha
Sevenoaks kent country garden estate
Sevenoaks kent country garden landscape mature trees
Sevenoaks kent country landscape architecture topiary
Sevenoaks kent pip morrison country landscape design iron-fence feature
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