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Situated in the riverside town of Weybridge, Surrey, this garden design uses an exquisitely refined aesthetic and modern elegance to create a social, family, garden sanctuary.

The client desired a design consisting of mature trees incorporated around the garden to rejuvenate the garden space and provide the essential privacy, and a pool to sympathetically fit the space while allowing space for leisure.

Our solution was to design a garden that flowed and felt spacious, while also, with subtle use of planting and levels, allow each section of the garden to have a private and effervescent nature. This equilibrium of the space allows for a delicate balance between social ambience and recreation. The seamless and inspired placement of the swimming pool allows space for the lawn, and a room for entertaining and leisure. The thoughtful use of levels ensure the sunshine is reflecting on the pool, creating the serene ambience that echoes the elegant riverside town of Weybridge.

The impeccable, vibrant lawn runs alongside and juxtaposes with the smooth sandstone used as paving, offering a beautiful contrast with the boutique Belgique clay brick of the house, developing an aesthetic of modernistic artisanal craftsmanship. With a modern line and fresh complementary hues, the dining space is housed under a Renson pergola so dining can be enjoyed throughout all seasons.

Further in to the garden, a play area can be viewed through large planting beds of sculptural foliage to create the harmonious integration of a space for freedom and play with the clean and contemporary lines of the spacious lawn. The play area is complete with a sunken trampoline and swing set. 

The cream, sawn sandstone is employed creatively as a strong architectural structure across a multi-levelled garden to blend the architecture of the red brick house and the crafted garden layout. Elegant and refined, scattered Betula multi stems and two multi-stem Amelanchier lamarckii trees punctuate the planting areas and  finish the vision of opulent greenery. Throughout the garden the classical palette of whites, purples and verdant greens maintains the truly english beauty of the captivating property.

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