Green Walls

Green or ‘living’ roofs and walls are an exciting and versatile system which allows plant coverage of large surfaces of walls and roofs. Whether to disguise an unsightly wall, to add interest to a roof or to add planting to a small courtyard where space is at a minimum, we can weave this new technology into garden designs with stunning results.
The modules have a unique design system to allow water movement throughout the modules to allow even dispersal of water and healthy plants.

The benefits are:
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications / Ideal for small and large projects / Simple fixing bar support system, with no ground level support required / Many design options are available, with plants selected for your location and preference / Can be fitted pre-grown for instant impact / Insulates building against heat loss and heat gain / Has habitat and ecological benefits / Energy conservation – reducing the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer, absorbing and filtering storm water, improving air quality and helping to reduce the urban heat island effect.