Benefits of beautiful garden designs

Yoga, meditation, exercise bike or just sitting reading, or taking in creative spaces, the power of nature has calming, restorative benefits. Ambling through lush green fields, forests and outside spaces have a tremendous affect on our wellbeing. We have come to appreciate nature a lot more during recent times, being able to explore our local surroundings for daily walks, enjoying our gardens and simply taking a moment to breathe in and enjoy the visual beauty all around.

Our gardens can offer a multitude of environments and spaces to enjoy and appreciate beauty, nature and being. An expertly and beautifully designed garden can create inspirational spaces a variety of activities and experiences, from relaxing creative socialising areas to peaceful contemplative areas where we can sit quietly and take a moment to unwind and appreciate the many differing species of plants and flowers surrounding us. Garden rooms adorned with cascading wisteria or climbing roses upon the walls are a perfect hideaway to take time out from busy schedules.

Studies show there are significant long-term health benefits to being around nature with healing powers to restore, soothe and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. The psychological benefits of human interaction with plants and trees are well documented showing that the more we connect to nature, the happier we feel. The effect is not limited to psychological and inner wellbeing, research has shown plants release chemicals called phytoncides (wood essential oils) which help strengthen our immune systems.

An experienced garden designer can creatively and seamlessly integrate spaces for exercise and physical pursuits into a garden. Whether it is through tennis, swimming, yoga or circuit training, a garden can be designed to enhance your physical health too. Exercising and staying active outside in nature is not only good for our physical health but also mental health too, just 10 minutes exercise, however physical, is enough to improve our mood and self-esteem. Whether you are performing your favourite yoga routine in your water garden room  surrounded by an extraordinarily beautiful natural flower display, or taking a dip in your serene and elegant natural pool where plant life and pool merge in to one, exercising in nature will release serotonin and release you from the rigors of your working day.