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Margery-Fish-East-Lambrook-Manor-Garden-Somerset front

Great British Garden Designers Margery Fish

Born in 1892, Margery Fish was a leading light in the English Cottage Garden design style. Her work at East Lambrook Manor Gardens Somerset exemplifies her exploration of this style.

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garden design Illusion Drawing

Garden Illusions, A landscape of lies

There are many tricks and techniques to alter your perspective and create illusions in a garden. Bringing some of these design ideas into the garden can change a feeling of a space. Here are some effective ways to alter your perspective in a garden.

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Great British Garden Designers Harold Peto

London born Harold Peto was one of the leading architect and garden designers during the Edwardian period. Embracing the Italian renaissance through his love of travel and history he was influenced by the Arts and Craft movement of the time.

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Great British Garden Designers Gertrude Jekyll

Surrey based Garden designer Gertrude Jekyll was one of the most influential garden designers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Spending most of her life in Surrey she grew up in the surrey family home of Bramley House, and spent her later years in her surrey home Munstead Wood in Godalming.

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Great British Garden Designers Lancelot Capability Brown

Lancelot Brown revolutionised British garden design in the eighteenth century becoming one of the most renowned landscape designers of our time. Designing over 250 exquisite garden designs, he worked on many prestigious country house gardens becoming very much sought after in Georgian times.

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Hampshire Landscape a Short History

Hampshire is home to spectacular landscapes of rolling chalk hills and downlands, scarps and valleys stretching over to The Solent and Isle of Wight on the coast. This magnificent county is steeped in rich history dating as far back to Neolithic and prehistoric times.

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Surrey Arts and Crafts Garden Design

In Surrey, architect Edwin Lutyens and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll formed a creative partnership. Lutyens, well known for many Surrey houses built from local bargate stone gave new definition to the concept of vernacular, whilst Jekyll’s artistic stunning garden design brought radiance and ingenious colour techniques to gardens.

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A Brief History of English Garden Design

A brief history of English garden design from the Monastic to Modern period.

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Surrey – A Brief History

Surrey has a fascinating heritage dating back thousands of years. There are many historic landmarks and sites remaining today which hold significant historical importance. It is well worth taking a little time to explore and discover these, in order to imagine what life was like for our Surrey ancestors.

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The History of Japanese Gardens

With a history that spans over 2,000 years, a mystifying culture and striking diversity from the ultra-modern Tokyo to the ancient Higashi Chaya Districts – there is no other place quite like Japan.

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