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Vegetable Growing

It’s time to get into your Spring planting rhythm as we’ve landed in April and now’s the time to get your hands on your beets and your beets in the earth. Whether that earth be in a container, the ground or inside a greenhouse, beets are very versatile, bulbous givers of oftentimes purple plenty and […]

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Maintenance Mowing, Making Lines While the Sun Shines

Enzo, Esther and Toby were maintaining lawns in one of our Surrey Gardens when we caught up with them recently at work. Enzo has been a core team member with us at Graduate Landscapes, running a maintenance team for two decades; he has a vast wealth or horti-knowledge and know-how and his colleagues wax lyrical […]

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The Knepp Wildland Project

The Knepp Wildland Project, is a re-wilding masterpiece located on a site of previously agricultural low Weald land near Horsham in Sussex, is a leading light in the conservation movement, an experiment that has already produced astonishing wildlife successes in relatively few growing seasons. Initial rewilding at Knepp began in 2000 and the site has […]

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Hale Chapel Cemetery Memorial Garden – Farnham, Surrey

Born in 1892, Margery Fish was a leading light in the English Cottage Garden design style. Her work at East Lambrook Manor Gardens Somerset exemplifies her exploration of this style.

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ISO14001 – Graduate Landscapes Embark on Vehicle Fleet Electrification

As part of #ISO14001 for environment and our drive to constantly improve, we are delighted to announce we are introducing our first #electricvehicle into our fleet. We believe in protecting our environment for future generations, that means doing our bit to reduce our emissions as much as possible. We look forward to expanding our EV fleet over the coming years!

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Northern Lights, A Natural Wonder

There are few natural wonders on earth that are as spectacular as the northern lights. This remarkable phenomena, also known as the aurora borealis, occurs when electrically charged particles carried by the Sun’s magnetic field collide with gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere. When the skies are dark, these colliding particles light up the night sky in a stunning burst of colour.

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Alresford Agricultural Show 2015

We invite all of you to come and spend some time with us this Saturday (5th September) at Alresford Show in Hampshire.

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Today is Armistice Day. It is the day that marks the end of the First World War and getting close to 11 am and a silence that sweeps Europe

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Oxfam The Trailwalker 100k

This summer, to celebrate our 20th year, 20 members of our staff are participating in a terribly gruelling event in aid of Oxfam.

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