The importance of owning your garden design.

We would suggest the garden master plan is an invaluable document in order to create a garden with a clear structure, which is beautifully planted to deliver lasting quality in your outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy. We know that our clients require well-thought-out gardens, which save money where possible, and allow the work to be completed efficiently.

The alternative piecemeal approach can result in a disappointment such as swimming pools in a wrong place or patios and pathways not integrating with each other and the material type and colour to be inappropriate or poorly chosen. Sometimes at the point of selling a property will be obvious to the buyer that the pool needs to be filled, the monstrous lleylandii hedge removed or perhaps the softwood decking is a death trap. With the recent state of the UK housing market many clients are now making enquiries about improving the value and saleability of their properties through better use and enhancement of the landscaping.

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