‘GreEnCO Sense’ RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

‘GreEnCO Sense’ – RHS Flower Show Tatton Park – Christopher James Young Garden Designer of the Year Finalist Silver Medal

‘GreEnCO Sense’ highlights the possibilities in creating an environmentally aware garden, which features sustainability, the use of recycled materials and good planting design. The garden creates a microhabitat as a haven for bees and other insects, which allows them to thrive alongside the human impact of various man-made, recycled and sustainable features.  ‘GreEnCO Sense’ has been inspired as a show garden, which disproves the common misconception that recycled and sustainable gardens are bland, monotone, spaces which lack design detail & flair. The cohesion of shape, space and materials (soft & hard landscaping) has been carefully planned to develop a design to integrate within the show ground setting.

‘GreEnCO Sense’ is a Show Garden, which can be translated into a real-life garden. Within an eye-catching design, which focuses the viewer, the design draws the user to the central terrace, whether it is to read a book on the bench, for children to play on the meadow or take a route through the planting. The garden adds a ‘twist’ to the common requirements set out by clients. 10m long recycled wine bottle wall with sculptural view through, solar heating & reclaimed York Stone base. A Copper Pergola stripped from old boiler tanks at 2.6m x 6m x 6m. Large York Stone fragments, which are a bi-product of man’s normal requirement to extract and cut stone, have been incorporated in establishing the levels & detail of the standing structures. A central circular viewpoint in the bottled wall is designed to capture the viewer’s attention and focus it through to a mature tree beyond, set within the natural landscape of Tatton Park.

The self-contained meadow grass planters allow an infertile and free draining soil to prevail in meadow areas. With the planting design orientated in a southern aspect, the main planted beds are also on a free draining soil but require regular moisture and are moisture retentive. They would be identified as a sandy loam with a pH of approximately 6.5.

Soft tones of blue through to purples are contrasted with deep reds and yellows. White is used as a balance with the foliage of the Peonies & Fennel used for colour rather than flower at this time of the year.