Modern Country Garden Estate Design Elements

Modern country garden estates are a contemporary take on the grand country garden estate design tradition. Traditional garden design elements are still very much nestled within contemporary design schemes. Linear avenues of mature trees form structure, lush green garden rooms offer a contemplative area to relax, and winding stairways, avenues, and pathways guide you through the stunning landscape. In a modern country estate garden, traditional design elements are cleverly entwined with modern-day twists, these include modern planting, contemporary hard landscaping, social indoor-outdoor spaces, and swimming pools.

Modern planting design is often incorporated into a contemporary garden country estate. Often a playful mix of the old and the new work together to re-imagine the excitement and grandeur of traditional country estate gardens. Textures as well as shapes play a pivotal role in modern garden design. Informal and formal planting textures can be explored. Modern formal planting design includes formal linear box hedging, contemporary pleached trees, and modernist topiary designs. Informal planting can work in contrast to modernist forms. Drifts of perennials and grasses provide a naturalistic look. A palette of ornamental grasses can create a blend into a sustainable wildflower wildlife meadow beyond. Sustainable planting creates an eco-friendly garden that can help increase biodiversity, whilst maintaining a visually stunning wow factor.

With our re-focus on healthy living and the benefits of fresh food, kitchen gardens are back in vogue. They offer nutrient-rich food to give your meals that optimal fresh food enjoyment and flavour. This trend has reinvigorated the popularity of walled vegetable gardens in many modern country estate designs. The environment created by a walled garden produces an array of fresh organic vegetables.

Whereas once garden estate sculpture used the language of European baroque architecture, contemporary sculpture is often designed to create a focal point for the eye and interact with the garden flora texture and form. For example, David Harber’s innovative sculptural designs interact with the light and planting that surrounds them. Forms dance and reflect on their surfaces and create evolving shadows.

In a contemporary space, the garden is often an outdoor room, an extension of the living areas of the home. Social areas for relaxing, dining, and entertaining extend the internal living space of our homes into the exterior. Beautiful hard landscaping and furniture design use contemporary and traditional materials to create social seating areas. Often lines are kept modern and creative, with great attention to detail and a high-quality finish. Firepits and architectural canopies help transform gardens into inviting places to be enjoyed at any time of the year.


Swimming pools bring contemporary design luxury to your country estate garden. Natural swimming pool designs can be truly breathtaking and blend in to planting landscape design and/or have a modernist architectural form. Their crisp crystal-clear waters are beautifully refreshing to swim in and relaxing to socialise around.

Lighting design transforms the atmosphere and experience of a garden by adding beauty and glamour to the many design elements contained within. Add a touch of drama by casting shadows on planting design through hidden up lights accentuating structure and form.  Highlight water features or garden sculptures and see how they transform and come alive at night. Lighting design can also emit warmth and provide meditative, relaxation zones through low lighting so you can take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy a moment or two of contemplation.