Water Features in Garden Design

Water features have been popular in garden design for centuries. Water is essential to life, and plants. It might be for this reason that being close to water has been scientifically proven to be calming, stress-reducing, and health improving. Water is one of the five key elements in the art of Feng Shui and is connected to wisdom, intuition, and fluidity.

Combining water features within a garden design adds ambience and visual beauty which, when crafted into a design with care, adds a unique experience to an existing landscape. For a contemporary style, hardscaping elements such as stone steps or slate walls will come alive with an elegant waterfall softening the landscaping. Water rills can be designed into stone steps allowing water to naturally flow and cascade evoking the feel and beauty of a natural waterfall. The tranquil sound of water cascading down is meditative and relaxing forming an alluring focal point for the eye to behold. For gardens with linear structure and formality, a contemporary rill design can be introduced. This slim linear channel of water surrounded with repeated clusters of plants and shrubs, such as evergreens and ferns allow the stillness of the water to reflect the landscaping, compliments a restful vista. A perfect location for some seating at the edge of the rill to take time out to enjoy the calm and tranquillity.

Elaborate ornamental fountains sumptuously blend with traditional garden design elements, particularly favouring traditional properties. Gentle curving fountains soften hardscaping and can be surrounded by statement ceramic pots overflowing with an array of colourful flowers. Fountains can be enjoyed with the addition of a bench for one to sit and soak in the sounds as water elegantly dances and lands in the fountain bowl. There are many different fountain styles and materials, polished metal spheres allow light to reflect and bounce upon the surface, stone monoliths for traditional design all ensuring the right design blends into your architecture and garden design.  Consider placing a fountain or water feature beside a natural swimming pool or may be designed as part of the natural pool.  The two features will look stunning and delightful creating ambience and movement to the crystal clear waters of the natural pool.

Lake gardens add magnitude and grandeur to a garden design, the scale of a large pond or lake should reflect the scale of its surroundings to maximise the wow factor and allure. Formal and ornamental lakes take inspiration from classical architecture, with clean, geometric lines and symmetry. A large expanse of water reflects the skies and architecture during the day, garden lighting design and moonlight will be reflected in the still water at night. Wildlife will also welcome the addition of a lake or large pond, bringing a diverse ecological system and welcoming visitors like dancing dragonflies, swooping swifts and newts nestled within a variety of aquatic planting and water lilies.

So whether it is the drama and theatre of a  magnificent fountain shooting water high in the air, lit up as dusk, or the slower flow of water ambling across pebbles winding its way to a natural tranquil pool, bringing water into your garden create a vivid experience for you, your family and friends.