Alitex Glasshouses

Alitex are renowned for designing and creating magnificent aluminium greenhouses reviving the style of Victorian glasshouses adding a modern twist. The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew have endorsed Alitex greenhouses and they have regularly been awarded at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Graduate Landscapes and Alitex

Graduate Landscapes’ designers have huge regard for Alitex incorporating some stunning greenhouses into their garden designs. Graduate Landscapes and Alitex are ideal partners with a strong working relationship, sharing creative, high-end design ideas all within close proximity to each other in leafy Surrey. Alitex offers a highly bespoke service that means they can create a glasshouse that is custom made to suit our designs. Alitex’s internal team work with us to create a customised greenhouse that works with the customers’ requirements and works on a technical level as a place for the most demanding plants to flourish and thrive.

Graduate Landscapes have recently worked on beautifully designed private vegetable garden in Petersfield, that incorporates a bespoke Alitex glasshouse. The brief inspired by the Kitchen Gardens at Hampton Court needed to be both visually stunning as well as needing to work hard as a vegetable garden. The bespoke Alitex glasshouse worked harmoniously in the garden design, whilst also providing the perfect growing environment for the owner.

Alitex History

The Hall family started up Alitex in 1952 creating Victorian-style greenhouses which are functional havens for both people and plants. Their ethos is not just about constructing greenhouses but ‘creating unique spaces where plants thrive and more importantly people flourish.’


Alitex Quality and Accessories

Built with the highest quality aluminium and refined tubing, Alitex glasshouses have thinner structures in comparison to lesser aluminium greenhouses. Their elegant yet robust aluminium structures guarantee longevity, with less ongoing maintenance required. Alitex allows you to choose from a vast array of colours, whether you prefer neutral muted palettes, bolder colours or perhaps even the National Trust colour range exclusively inspired by fauna and flora.

Alitex supply a range of high-end accessories including vent systems, blinds and heating providing the optimum growing conditions for all your plants. Shelving and built-in beds help arrange interior layout providing functional yet aesthetically pleasing solutions.