Natural Swimming Pool Design

Natural swimming pools bring contemporary design luxury to your garden. Natural swimming pool designs can be truly breathtaking. They are highly flexible and can be designed to resemble water in the wild, blending in to planting landscape design, or have a more modernist architectural design. They have crisp crystal-clear water that is beautifully refreshing to swim in.

Chemical Free, Crystal-Clear

Unlike conventional swimming pools, there’s no need for chemicals to keep the pool sparkling clean, instead a clever combination of plants and biological filters do the hard work. The plants absorb extra nutrients keeping your pool naturally clean. This also reduces energy usage and the need for maintenance. Additionally, the lack of chemicals means that a summer dip leaves your skin refreshed, clean and chemical-free. This is especially good for people with skin and health conditions affected by chemical swimming pools.

Stunning Designs and a Playful Palette

Natural swimming pools increase the palette of materials that garden designer can work with. A designer can play with the boundary between the garden and the swimming pool in creative ways. A natural swimming pool can integrate with plants and natural materials like stone and timber. This allows for the creation of creative and beautiful pools that can be appreciated throughout the year as features within the garden rather than just utilitarian swimming places.

This freedom means a natural pool will integrate beautifully with any garden design genre. The choice of shape, edging materials and how it fits into the whole scheme will determine the overall style of the pool. A pool’s outline can be curved and naturalistic, resembling pools and lakes in the wild, whilst more linear straight edging creates a formal modern design.

Due to the design language adaptability, a natural swimming pool is equally at home in an urban townhouse garden, as it is in a country estate garden. For this reason, it is also often more sympathetic to both modern and traditional architecture

Experienced Eye and Professional Design

Design is fundamental when considering a natural pool. Bringing on board an experienced garden designer familiar with natural pools is strongly recommended. A natural swimming pool presents a significant investment and a designer will ensure money is well spent. Graduate Landscapes designers have a wealth of experience ensuring the pool is integrated into the garden from the outset of the design process.

We can help you think through all the many factors in the initial design. An experienced natural swimming garden designer can help a client identify the optimal genre, materials, planting, size, shape, and location for a pool within the landscape. It’s a technical process which needs to be well thought through to ensure every aspect is considered. You can be imaginative with design so long as the right balance between filtration system and materials is achieved. We ensure a fabulous finished product that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.