Easy to grow vegetables!

Whether you’re wanting to become more self-sufficient or just wanting to try your hand at something new we are sharing our top tips to make the most of the space you have!No matter the area you have in your garden, allotment or plant plots! we have you covered with our top 5 favourite vegetables for you to grow from now through till the end of summer!

Potatoes: Sow February/March and harvest from July to September.

Potatoes are a versatile and easy to grow plant, whether you use them with salad, for roasting or to make chips they’re a must have in any vegetable plot (or pot)! If you are tight on space, you can grow these in potato bags which are available from most garden centres from as little as £10!

Simply sow the crop into some compost around February or March and when green shoots begin to appear above the soil, cover them with more compost! Repeat this process until the bag is full but remember to water them regularly!10-20 weeks late when the foliage starts to yellow and die back rummage around the soil to harvest your home-grown potatoes! How simple is that?!

Tomatoes: Sow from February to April and harvest after 5 – 8 months.

Tomatoes are definitely ones to grow with the whole family, they’re quick to grow and can keep your kids busy for the afternoon! If you want to keep your planters, or veggie patch free for the other veg on this list why not try Lycopersicon esculentum (Hundreds & Thousands) this variety of tomatoes is perfect for hanging baskets and window boxes! The cascading plants live up to their name producing literally thousands of sweet, juicy tomatoes!!You can pick up seedlings from garden centres from as little as £4 which offers brilliant value for money!! Simply plant them in your container of choice, place them in a spot which gets a good amount of sun and water them regularly (you can also pick up tomato feed relatively cheap which gives you tomatoes an extra boost!)

Top Tip: often, tomatoes that don’t get enough sun light stay green, why not pick them and turn them into an amazing chutney!!

Beetroot: Sow from March to July and harvest after 2-5 months.

Beetroot is another of our favourites for planting in your garden or containers, simply sow them directly into moist ground! After a few weeks you will notice the seedlings appearing at this point, simply move your seedlings to around 5cm apart to allow them enough room to grow!Want to spice up your vegetable selection even more? Try planting a ‘variety mix’ of beetroot, this will mean your beetroot, when ready to harvest, will be a variety of colours including yellow!

Peas: Sow from March through to June and harvest after 2 – 3 months.

Peas are a trouble free, easy to grow crop which are perfect for all sized vegetable plots! Simply sow the peas directly into the ground and look forwards to the incredible flavour of fresh picked peas from June to August!

Once you have planted the peas ensure to have some support in place for their stems – simply put up some netting between two bamboo poles at the end of each row! Peas are an amazing addition to any vegetable garden, the more you pick them the more they produce!!

Radishes: Sow throughout summer and harvest after a month.

Radishes are easy to grow in containers and add a peppery crunch to your salads! Simply sow them directly into the ground during summer for a continuous yield of produce which can be harvested roughly 4 weeks after planting! Radishes are an overlooked vegetable and generally only make it into most people’s salad bowls, radishes are great for pickling, roasting and salads!

BONUS: Onions: Sow during spring and harvest around late autumn!

Onions are one of the easiest to grow and versatile vegetables of them all due to being almost maintenance free crops! Simply plant onion bulbs in your choice of soil and leave them to it!! As the foliage dies back, take them out the ground (or pot) and hang them to dry in the sun before storing them! It doesn’t get much easier than that!!