Key garden Design Elements – part 1

Garden design is fundamental introducing form, structure, elegance and aesthetic appeal.  Design elements allow the garden to flow and work together in harmony. This is the first of two blogs taking a look at 10 key garden design elements.

Walls and boundaries

Walls and boundaries lend themselves to both modern and traditional garden design, carving out zones for the various areas of a garden. Hand made dry stone walls form an authentic architectural solid structure, much like the traditional walled gardens which can be seen in many resplendent grade listed country estates. A strong garden boundary creates the perfect frame for the garden, setting the scene for spectacular climbers and aromatic plants harmonising effortlessly. Different zones formed by natural boundaries like feature green walls, create a lush living backdrop blending in to the natural environment.

Hedges and fences

Tightly clipped hedging creates shape and structure. Manicured box hedging or geometric shapes emit an air of grandeur, which can be paired elegantly lining borders or pathways. Hedging forms natural zones whilst also adding a sense of privacy.  Natural looking fencing materials can be used, like reclaimed timber and driftwood harmonising beautifully adding texture and balance.  Fencing introduces sight lines to a garden, which are fundamental when considering any garden design. Vertical lines allow the eye to be drawn upwards invoking a feeling of strength and scale.

Paths and Patios

Garden landscaping is the ideal way to craft out zones determining the overall layout of the garden. Paths lead the way, whilst also leading the eye on a visual journey.  Meandering winding paths in a garden design add intrigue, disappearing off in to the horizon evoking a desire to explore further.  Patios and decking are another landscaping element, bringing the outside in to your home. Wood and composite decking emit warmth and natural beauty, a perfect place to spend those lazy summers evenings enjoying the delights of the garden.


The garden lawn forms the interaction between garden and home with a history dating back centuries. It is the one design element with a multitude of functions, from being a large open expanse of green carpet, manicured and neat, to being enjoyed for sporting activities or a resting spot to relax and lounge enjoying sun rays on a hot summers day.

Water features and pools

Water features add sound, texture, and movement to landscaping designs. There are many different types, some jetting water in the air majestically emitting drama and theatre. Waterfalls cascading elegantly over rockeries resonate a zen vibe bringing the sound of nature to your garden. Natural organic swimming pools in much the same way are designed to resemble water in the wild. These beautiful organic pools with crisp crystal clear water blend seamlessly in to any garden landscape.