Garden Design Makeover 2018

Garden design makeover 2018? As we welcome in 2018 maybe this is the time to think about treating yourself and your garden to a 2018 makeover and unleash its true potential.

Garden designers can breathe a whole new lease of life in to your garden. Not only can their professional expertise help look after and maintain your garden but they can offer creative bespoke design solutions to re-imagine your garden from the ground up. A well designed garden will allow it to work to its optimum all year round by being multi-functional, enabling a space to socialise and entertain, relax whilst also producing healthy vegetables and fruit for you to enjoy around the dinner table.

There are a full array of services garden designers can offer from simple professional advice on which plants work best, creating year round maintenance schedules to a full design and build service. A high end bespoke design solution which works for all your needs, wishes and budget, is where garden designers excel. Using expertise and in-depth knowledge to analyse your current garden will enable them to find out soil type, gradient and any landscaping issues which will then be considered in to the build. The quality of the build is essential if you want something that will look stunning whilst also ensuring it will last for years to come.

Architectural services like building walls to create structure or for the more natural look, green walls using plant coverage to add stunning visual effects may also be brought in to the design process. It’s important to ensure garden designers consult with you at all stages of the design process, from planning to final completion. If all these individual services can be offered in house you will ensure a high quality of build and service to realise the design, whilst also saving money.

Working closely with your designer in the research phase will help them to find designs, styles and materials you prefer. Having a theme will help unify your garden and help influence the plants and materials used in your build. A modern or contemporary garden is characterised by sleek, streamlined styles and geometric shapes giving structure and order using slate or granite. In contrast, a Mediterranean theme will see more olive trees, lavender plants and shrub vegetation planted with palms to give you the feel of Italy in your own back garden.

Whilst redesigning your garden, think about other features which you have always desired. Outdoor natural swimming pools are very popular at the moment as there has been a significant increase recently for people wanting these installed in their own gardens. Natural pools use plants as filters, rather than traditional chlorinated swimming pools which mean you can enjoy and swim in natural filtered water. You can even swim amongst plants so it feels you are swimming in the wild outdoors rather than in your own back garden!

If you would like to explore 2018 as the year for your garden makeover, call Graduate Landscapes 01428 724 080 or click here to use our contact form.