Garden Design – Pots and Pottery

The humble garden plant pot has a fascinating history dating back to Egyptian times when pots were first used to move plants from one growing environment to another. These pots were crafted from terracotta, a natural clay fired at a low temperature used by the Egyptians and later Romans. Ideal for planting in warm, dry climates, the composition allowed air and water to move freely through the walls of the pots. Terra cotta craftsmanship flourished during the European Renaissance and became increasingly used to craft architectural elements and ornate sculptures and works of art.

Within a garden design, beautifully crafted ornate pots create a transition from the architecture of the home to the lush green fauna beyond. Terra cotta pots of all shapes and sizes, have a multitude of designs and styles blending sumptuously into both contemporary and traditional garden designs. Traditional planters placed on terraces or decked areas, grouped in clusters create colour and texture. Exquisite delicate roses particularly add a touch of elegance nestled within an ornate earthenware pot.


For a contemporary garden design, hardwood, granite and steel pots add grandeur and formality. Box trees in tall linear pots placed by gated entrances or either side of a front door entrance amplify elegance and style. To help soften linear architectural features, tall grasses can be nestled in, creating movement and height as the wind catches the fine grass as they gently sway in the breeze.

Urns and oil jars placed beside entrances look stunning against the architecture of your home or helping structure and form alongside pathways winding through a garden design. Olive, bay or fruit trees bedded into decorative elaborate urns will elevate your garden and add a touch of Mediterranean ambience, summoning evocative memories of sun-drenched continental trips. The muted tones of terra cotta vary in shade and colour according to the iron content in the clay, so there is an array of choice to best suit your garden design.


For the ultimate in luxury and style, bespoke handcrafted pots lovingly craft out fine detail and shape creating stunning items, which themselves become a piece of art yet always considering the growth of the plant over time. Terra cotta pots as water features are simply divine, cascading water falling gracefully from one urn to another creates calm and serenity. Individual pots as water features can also work magnificently, little fountains of water dance around the pot adding movement and focus within a garden design.