Gardens Design – Sports and Leisure Activities

Our gardens and outdoor spaces can be transformed for the enjoyment of a wide array of sporting activities, from leisurely sports such as boules to more high-energy activities like tennis. Sporting activities do not need to be a design afterthought and can be beautifully and creatively integrated into a garden design. This past year in particular has seen many people preferring alternative, safer ways to exercise at home.

Garden gyms are very much on-trend, and a popular choice within a garden design. A garden gym space can be architecturally designed to work harmoniously with hard landscaping design elements and planting design. Outside planting and water features can add atmosphere and interest to your gymnasium experience. Especially if your gym is correctly designed to open up to the garden.

A swimming pool or lane pool can blend into a garden design sumptuously. A natural swimming pool can give the effect of natural stream swimming, with serene pool planting. The calm and serenity of a pool enticing you into the water, not only offers up space to exercise but also a relaxing area to enjoy and relax poolside.  Pool houses built alongside provide space for changing and showering, you can also enjoy an upper balcony for sitting outside overlooking the pool.

Maybe you have been inspired watching Wimbledon? Creating an outdoor tennis court is a great way to work out and get the heart rate pumping and endorphins flowing. A garden designer can integrate a tennis court into your garden in a way that enhances the sporting experience and creates interesting, beautiful spaces for friends and family to relax, and possibly enjoy match-point celebrations with Pimms and strawberries!

For those that want to take their racket sport obsession that one step further how about an extravagant indoor squash court built into the garden grounds? After a punishing game you could step out into a beautiful natural dip pool to wind down and enjoy the evening sun.

For those who prefer a gentler workout, boules and bowls or croquet on a well-manicured lush green lawn are leisurely and fun for all ages. But why stop there, if golf is your passion have you ever considered having your very own golfing green as part of your grounds? If you have space, it could be sympathetically woven into your garden design. With the ability to have an impromptu evening putting spree you will soon become the envy of your friends at the local golf course.