Top 10 Garden design elements – Part 2

In part two of our series of top 10 Garden design elements we cover lighting, seating and dining, planting, sculpture, and garden buildings. Whether you are designing a garden yourself, or employing the talents of a creative garden designer, this list will give you the key ingredients for a successful garden design.


Lighting design can create atmosphere, accentuate shape and form and even add an element of drama. Uplighting plants like palms create magnificent shadows, water features allow movement and refraction of light whilst lighting is multifunctional too. Lighting can guide the way through the garden when it starts to get dark and motion sensor lighting adds extra security providing peace of mind once dusk sets in.

Seating and dining

Creating Garden rooms can make your landscape appear larger and allows gardeners to play with different colours and styles without causing chaos. Zones are separated by natural walls, like hedges, trees, shrubs, vines, or fences ready for the interior to be adorned with an abundance of plants and flowers. Benches or natural wicker seats provide a resting spot to sit and enjoy the lush surroundings.


Planting is the crowning touch of a garden. There are many ways you can achieve the perfect garden design, height and structure is foremost. Start planting with tall, large trees reducing down to smaller shrubs, perennials then bedding plants, this creates unity and composition. Another design tip is to plant in masses, but with just one plant type. Although we love a wide array of plants, this can still be achieved through using plants of similar shape and form in different garden zones.


 A garden should be a leisurely discovery for your eye to enjoy, which can be accomplished through  focal points. Focal points can be large plants, structures, or ornaments and their function is to capture the eye’s attention and then rest to enjoy the surrounding plants. Stunning sculptural artworks like David Harber commissions take on organic natural forms blending harmoniously in to the garden landscape. Interacting and playing with light through highly polished reflections they work wonders in a well thought out garden scheme. Large and ornamental plants can be nestled in to beautiful ceramic clay pots which are artistic masterpieces in their own right.

Garden buildings

Garden buildings allow you to enjoy your garden all year round with a variety of multifunctional uses. Pool rooms, home gyms, the home office at the end of the garden can be designed In parallel with your garden. Carefully crafted, bespoke designs with glass and light are the epitome of luxury. In contrast, Pergolas form an open garden room continuing the flow from inside to exterior, providing shelter whilst aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Gazebos similar in structure offer a degree of privacy but provide shelter and a resting place located at the heart of a garden design.