Deck the Halls!

It’s that festive time of year once more and it’s time to start adorning your house with some Christmas sparkle.  Shiny baubles, shimmering Christmas lights and evergreen garlands are set to hang in splendour in our homes.

Christmas decorations have long been a part of our festive celebrations. Tinsel, originally made from shredded silver dates as far back as the 16th Century. This year British tinsel is back with its own unique and quirky twist. Holly and woodland themed tinsel is set to fly off the shelves and cosy in to the pine needles of Christmas trees in our homes.

Evergreens create a warm and cosy feel when used as Christmas decorations. Laurel, conifer, ivy and shiny green holly leaves with bright red berries form beautiful garlands to drape around banisters. Festive evergreens entwined in wreaths hang proudly on front doors ready to welcome guests in from the cold.

Garlands and wreaths are great fun to make. To add a splash of colour and vigour to your wreath, decorate with dried fruit. Slices of oranges dried in the oven on a low and slow heat can be used, or experiment with other fruit like sliced apple, pear or fig. As well as looking magnificent, you can create scented wreaths by using combinations of dried red chillies, cranberries and bay leaves. Once you have dried your fruit they are ready to be assembled with bunches of holly, fir and pine cones. Entwine the evergreen foliage and fruit to the wire or willow structure and slowly build up each layer as you form your own unique design. A little red ribbon gives a festive finishing touch.

Nordic inspired decorations fit in nicely with evergreens around the home. Red and white traditional colours give a cosy cabin feel. Wooden ‘light up scene’ boxes are particularly popular as they create a warm glowing festive feature. What better way to light up dark corners of the home than with a beautiful wintery Nordic church!

Table candle decorations can be made by filling a glass jar with berries and branches. If you want to add a festive scent to the candle jar, add some cinnamon sticks or cloves which will make your house smell like Christmas as well as looking the part too.

Finally for the finishing touch, Christmas fairy lights. These come in all sorts of styles and themes. There are the more quirky ‘on trend’ tropical theme, with pineapple shaped bulbs, or the more rustic woodland themed, with reindeer lights. You can even get lights which are controlled by your smartphone via a handy app. The app allows you to change the colours and sequence of the lights.

Now your home should be looking and smelling like Christmas. All in time to get the last of the presents wrapped and under the tree, put the kettle on and sit back and enjoy all your hard work ready to welcome in the festive season!